Find the Music in Data and the Data In Music

Congrats to everyone who participated in the Music Data Hackathon. Pix, winners interviews, and solutions can be found here


24 hours of non-stop Data Science (Again!)

In April, data scientists all over the world came together to compete in the First Global Data Science Hackathon. This July 21st, they are at it again.

Data Science London is hosting the Music Data Hackathon on the EMI Million Interview Data Set, which explores the rich relationship between listeners and music. There will be both a predictive modeling contest and a visualization track.

Music Data Hackathon contest page for remote participants (and if you're in London, register here for the on-site event.

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Data Science Global is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing together the world's communities of data scientists, artists, technologists and visionaries. DSG's role is a light-weight forum for coordinating between local Data Science communities. Our mission and group values are:

  • Free, open dissemination of Data Science
  • Free debate, discussion, and forum of ideas
  • Passionate about Data Science
  • Building a community of Data Scientists
  • We are technology agnostic
  • We are vendor independent
  • We promote Open Source
  • We welcome sponsors as long as they agree not to pitch their products.

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