First Global Data Hackathon!

24 hours of non-stop Data Science. It started in London but is taking over the world.   Data Science London in partnership with Big Data Week is organizing the first global data hackathon from 12 noon London Apr 28 to 12 noon London Apr 29 (UTC + 1).  The competition will be hosted on Kaggle, so anyone, from anywhere in the world, can participate.  You can download the data, hack along with the data scientists in London,  see your ranking on the real time leader board, and be eligible to win the global prize.

Data science communities all over the world are joining in Big Data Week by hosting simultaneous hackathon meetups in their own cities. From London to San Francisco, New York to Melbourne, and the list continues to expand.  The event is happening in little over a month, but we’ve got you covered if you want to host a data hackathon hotspot.  All you need is a local data science community, a 24-hour venue, and an internet connection.  Get in touch through so that we know you’re out there and can help you with promotion and coordination.

Can’t wait to see what the world’s data hackers can do together!

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    I’d love a press release, I’m in myanmar right now, so the internet is s-l-o-w, but would love an email about folks participating in SF. thanks!

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